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Trio Crafts and Rugs Ltd is a Kenyan owned company based in Nairobi. It is a well established company known for high quality woolen carpets, rugs, place mats, cotton bath mats and fabrics. All our products are skillfully crafted by hand, using frames and hand-looms. We cater for both local and international clients. Among our major clients are large institutions such as hotels and tourist lodges in East Africa, embassies and high commissions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private and religious institutions. Its current location houses a showroom displaying all the products and a workshop.

Trio Crafts and Rugs Ltd responds to clients orders based on their individual needs, tastes, and designs-all our products are customized as per the clients’ demands. We also produce a wide range of products for sell in the showroom or in craft and trade exhibitions within and outside the country. Our rugs and carpets are of high quality made from wool sourced from the Kenyan highlands. We therefore pride in supplying our clients with beautiful, comfortable and durable products.

"Crafting wool to art"


What We do

We create quality,hand wooven fabrics and rugs to beautify your home. Our products comes with a variety of color shades, design, shapes. We also create custom designs as per our clients orders. Our goal is bring beauty and prestige to every home around the world. Our main raw material is wool.

Why use wool instead of synthetic fiber?

Many carpets and rugs are made from either natural or synthetic wool. However there are a number of good reasons why one should settle for a natural wool carpet as opposed to a synthetic One. The following therefore some compelling reasons why woollen carpets should be given the first priority:

  • Eco-friendliness

    Unlike synthetic fibre from which nylon or polyester synthetic carpet is made, wool is a sustainable and natural resource. It is eco-friendly and because of it’s being natural; it is biodegradable and recyclable and also takes less energy to produce than synthetic carpets.

  • Natural anti compression properties.

    Wool fibre is naturally coiled and will resist any attempt to compress or compact it. The wool has a natural bounciness or flexibility which makes a carpet made from it to be resilient and also to keep its appearance over a long period of time. This feature makes a natural wool carpet to outlast one that is made from synthetic fibres.

    Synthetic fibres on the other hand only derive their springiness through artificial means which can potentially be lost over time.

  • Health wise, wool carpets are good.

    Hypoallergenic Wool does not encourage growth of dust mites, bacteria, moulds and mildew hence lessening the likelihood of development of spores, mycotoxins and other harmful organic compounds in the home thereby preventing allergies and other respiratory problems.

  • Good at Repelling dirt

    Woolen carpets are easier to clean than synthetic ones because wool fibre has an overlapping outer structure which repels dirt and liquids by shielding the inner part of the fibre. This assists in holding the dirt and spilled liquids near the top surface of the carpet thereby making it easy to clean dirt and spills. As the wool fibre is hygroscopic, it tends to hold liquids near the surface. This is because it absorbs humidity or water vapour but restricts liquids to the surface. In addition, the fibre trap soil particles in the upper region of a carpet pile so that they are readily removed by vacuuming.

  • Wool carpets are good at retaining colour.

    The protein based chemical from which wool is built soaks and locks in dyes making the carpets rich in colour and colour fast. Wool also dyes well, producing very clear and better definition of design thereby allowing wool carpets and rugs to be produced in subtle as well as strong colours. In addition, wool is mostly white; making it is easy to manipulate the colours.

  • Flame Retardant and does not melt

    Wool does not catch fire easily and if it does, it has the ability to extinguish the fire by itself. Should woolen carpets catch fire, the burned part could be brushed off unlike synthetic fibres which when they are scorched melt and leave ugly marks.

Despite the good attributes that wool carpets have, they too have certain minor disadvantages. For example they can be damaged by pests such as moths. However, this can be solved by treating the carpets with mild and safe insecticides. Besides that, woollen carpets could be damaged by certain alkaline detergents like soaps and domestic detergents which of course could be avoided.

The argument about the perceived high cost of purchasing a woollen carpet may arise but this is countered by the fact that woolen carpets are long lasting and are therefore a good return on investment for any woolen carpet lover.

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